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Suiting Experts
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Frequently Asked Questions

How it works if you don’t have physical STORE?

We visit you at your place of CONVENIENCE, IT can be your HOME, OFFICE or anywhere you are EASY, WHERE in the presence of your partner or frends is even more easy & fun to CHOOSE.

How you save me TIME?

Instead of driving 3 to 4 times to suiting store for measurements & FITTINGS & ALTERATIONS, BOOKING appointments as per their store HOURS, OUR stylist visits you at your place bringing branded store in BRIEFCASE, AS per YOUR SCHEDULE. (appointments available  24/7)

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What customization you OFFER?

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How much time our meeting TAKES?

Its normally takes us 20 to 30 in our first meenting ,5 to 10 min in our 2nd fitting MEETING.

How many fittings REQUIRED?

Normally only one as we take finished measurements for first TIME, FOR futre orders as all your measurements are stored in DATABASE, IT even takes only 10 to 20 min to choose FABRIC.

What you charge for ALTERATIONS?

Alterations are complimentary life time if you lose or gain weight

What are your shipment CHARGES?

Shipment is always free

Do you charge extra for styling & wardrobe advice?

our stylist listen to your NEEDS, PREFERENCES & life style carefully and then suggest you COLORS, PATTERNS & other customization according to your skin COLOR, BODY SHAPE, TASTE & OCCASION.Sometimes he will guide you about how to knot a tie , what is in fasion .He will make sure you impress & achieve .even on your request he can go through your wardrobe & suggest upgradation & alterations you may need ,

And guess what it is all complimentry …No extra charge for our styling CONSULTANCY.

How you can afford charging client less for your celebrity services instead of more?

When you buy from some high -End store ,they have to pay store overheads ,saleries to their staff and lots of other requirments to maintain a store and you are the one paying all of those expenses adjusted in the price of clothes you buy .We don’t carry any of those tradional store overheads so all discounts goes to you .

what is your turn around TIME?

you get your clothes in 3 WEEKS, WITH some additional charges even in 2 weeks delievery is possible

Can you visit me at my office or home?

We can visit you anywhere & anytime as per your convenience or you can visit our hotel if we are on a trip to your CITY.

We are a GROUP; is there any discount you offer for Groups?

We love working with GROUPS, IT saves us time & make you save time & even more MONEY, WE offer almost 10% discount to everyone in group & referee enjoys free clothing depending on the size of GROUP.

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Alterations are done locally in toronto if needed at our local OFFICE, WHICH may take 4 to 5 business days depending on your location.

How many brabds you CARRY?

More than 30 most in demand high-end brands mostly FROM ITALY, HERE is the link for fabrics & brands

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Do you offer payment PLAN?

YES, we do for sale more than $2000, OR if there any special going on

Do you have any first Time buyer /Trial OFFER?

Yes we don’t charge in advance for first time BUYER if you prefer, YOU get normally a big DISCOUNT, A welcome package and you  pay your discounted price at delievery once you are HAPPY.

Check out here our tryus offer

What are your referal or group BENEFIT PROGRAM?

Everyone enjoys choosing together while saving big on money

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How we can organize a suiting PARTY?

Contact us and we will fix a time that works for all of US, WE will bring DRINKS, BIG discount & lots of fun for your group

Which areas you SERVE?

Normally we serve North AMERICA, BUT we can visit you without any trip planned if it’s a group of 5 friends other than north AMERICA.

Do you offer corporate DEALS?

YES, we DO, EVEN we sponsor suits for key employyes or additional BENEFIT, LETS fill this quick FORM to apply for big discounts and styling services for your key emplotees in your board ROOM.

 Fillthis 2 minute form to apply

What gurantees you HAVE?

it’s a 25 years old company and we have served more than 30,000 clients around the GLOBE. WE work with you until you are fully SATISFIED, EITHER its alterations or REPLACEMENT, YOU will love our services that’s our promise with YOU.